Seeko Match Game

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Features of the game

The SEEKO match game is fun for all ages and especially great for kids between 3 and 8 years old.

This is a mobile app game and is played for free with in-app purchases.The game is played by matching cute picture images on a scroll bar with pictures on a board containing 15 pictures. There are 12 match boards spread over 4 levels, according to the degree of difficulty. There are no annoying adds in the game and no Wi-Fi or Internet is required.

The game has much educational value. Playing this matching game with your kids will help them improve their eye-hand coordination, concentration and recognition skills while developing the child’s sense of adventure, fun and achievement.

To open up the game, the player needs to tap on the board displayed in the app.

This opens up the scroll bar at the bottom of the board, containing identical pictures to the picture blocks displayed on the board.

The player now matches the picture images on the scroll bar with the corresponding picture on the board, by sliding the picture image from the scroll bar upwards to cover the corresponding picture on the board.

Having matched the images, the corresponding screen on the board turns blank.

This process is repeated until all images on the scroll bar have been matched with the corresponding pictures on the board.

The matching of the picture blocks is filled with excitement and it comes as no surprise to see smiles from a focused and an excited player.

The process is repeated for each image on the scroll bar, until all images have been matched with the corresponding pictures on the board.

It must be noted that a performance bar has been incorporated at the top of the board, awarding the player points in accordance with the time it takes to complete the board.

Having completed the board, the player is required to pop some balloons, which adds to the fun and excitement.

Further rewards are made in the form of soft toy images, one each for every board completed.

The 12 picture boards display the following images:

Benefits for children

Seeko Match 3+ mobile app game

Abilities Required


Cognitive Abilities

The game enables a child to visually recognize and discern certain characteristics of pictures.

The child needs to be able to find and focus on a specific object within a background of multiple other objects.

Basic concepts such as colour-, form- and number concepts can also be a requirement..

The game improves and increases attention, focus and concentration power in children.


Motor abilities

Child will need to be able to place the picture blocks on the correct space on the board.


Emotions such as excitement, surprise, fun and achievement can all be elicited during engagement in the game.

Tolerating of frustration can be a real, but positive, challenge for a child whilst matching the picture blocks.

The time needed to match all the picture blocks can contribute to emotional endurance.

Success in placing the correct picture blocks can contribute to positive self-image.

Our Team

Corrie Ploos van Amstel: 

Corrie is the inventor and founder of the Seekogames, which took him several years to develop, improve, refine and prepare for the global market, in close association with top graphic designers. He is a director, shareholder and the CEO and CFO of the project owner, Seekogames (Pty) Ltd. Corrie is a legal practitioner with a legal practice in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Kobus Erasmus: 

Kobus is a multi-talented artist who obtained a National Diploma in Fine Arts and best known for his realistic oil portrait studies. His contribution to the Seeko Games is invaluable as he created all one hundred-and-eighty (180) outlines of the images on the picture blocks by hand.

Sarel Henry:

Sarel is a highly qualified, highly skilled and versatile graphic designer, specializing in inter alia3D modelling, graphic design, motion graphics, animation and video editing. Sarel has been involved with the product development process of the Seekogames.

Thomas Gilliland

Thomas is an application software developer and computer programmer, who specializes in game development including C# Unity Script and the UnityEngine. He has more than 10 years’ experience with Software, Web, Animation and Graphic Design. His contribution to the Seeko Mobile App Games is invaluable as he converted the board game Seeko: Hide, Seek and Match (see into a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms to be utilized on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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